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Risk-Return Analysis: The Theory and Practice of Rational Investing (Volume One)
Harry Markowitz, Kenneth Blay



ISBN13: 9780071817936
ISBN10: 007181793X
Division: Professional
Pub Date: SEP-13,
Publish Status: Limited stock
Pages: 208
Edition: 1
Price: A$ 62 / NZ$ 76(Incl. GST)


The Nobel Prize-winning Father of Modern Portfolio Theory re-introduces his theories for the current world of investing

Legendary economist Harry M. Markowitz gives high-level investors the insight and methods they need to build a portfolio that generates strong returns for the long run

In Risk-Return Analysis, Markowitz corrects common misunderstandings about Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) to help advanced financial practitioners dramatically improve their decision making.

In this first volume of a groundbreaking four-part series sure to draw the attention of anyone interested in MPT, Markowitz provides the criteria necessary for judging among risk-measures; surveys a half-century of literature (nearly all of which has been ignored by textbooks) on the applicability of MPT; and presents an empirical study of which functions of mean and some risk-measure is best for those who seek to maximize return in the long run.

  • The New York Times referred to Markowitz as the person “who may have had a greater influence on current theories of finance and investing than any other living person”
  • The Journal of Investment Management dedicated an entire conference to Markowitz and provides the annual Harry M. Markowitz Award
  • Markowitz was recently given the prestigious Man of the Century Award from Pensions & Investments magazine, and he is the recipient of the John von Neumann Theory Prize

Harry M. Markowitz (San Diego, CA) is a Nobel Laureate and the father of Modern Portfolio Theory.


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