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ISBN13: 9780071254236
ISBN10: 0071254234
Division: Higher Education
Pub Date: OCT-07,
Publish Status: Out of stock - delivery in 3-4 weeks
Edition: 10
Price: A$ 118.95 / NZ$ 140(Incl. GST)

Key Features

  • Each of the five parts uses a video case and discussion questions to integrate material relevant to the participation section of the book.
  • The web site includes a link to Human Resources Online. Students stay current and expand their knowledge in the field of human resources by completing approximately twenty online exercises in such areas as training and employee development, selection and recruitment, compensation and benefits, labor relations, employee separation and retention, as well as training and employee development. In each exercise, students review one or more online resources, such as articles covering a recent HR trend. They then answer some challenging questions. For the busy instructor, Human Resources Online includes password-protected teaching notes that provide insights and answers to each question.
  • Internet applications within the text are enhanced with the new HRonline and Business Around the World, which links directly to the leading HR magazines and professional sources. In addition, the coverage of Internet resources continues to be an important topic in this new edition. Each chapter is linked to Internet resources and include www addresses with strong student appeal.
  • An emphasis on managerial responsibilities and actions pertaining to HRM activities is woven throughout the content and chapter elements, making the text relevant to general managers as well as human resource majors.
  • Key themes have been integrated in the content and pedagogical elements of each chapter: managing diversity, legal issues of HRM, productivity growth, globalization, impact of technology, embedded nature of TQM, strategically managing HRM, enhancing employee skills, changing nature of work, and current examples.
  • The author uses "Legal Practical Alerts" in each chapter to cite brief legal points, cases, or facts that enhance student understanding of these important issues in HRM.
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  • PowerWeb. This online reservoir of discipline-specific news articles and essays offer a great way to keep your course current, while complementing textbook concepts with real-world applications. Articles and essays from leading periodicals and niche publications in specific disciplines are reviewed by professors like you to ensure fruitful search results every time. PowerWeb also offers current news, weekly updates with assessment, interactive exercises, Web research guide, study tips, and much more! http://www.dushkin.com/powerweb.
  • BusinessWeek Edition. Your students can subscribe to 15 weeks of Business Week for a specially priced rate of $8.25 in addition to the price of the text. Students will receive a pass code card shrink-wrapped with their new text. The card directs students to a Website where they enter the code and then gain access to BusinessWeek’s registration page to enter address info and set up their print and online subscription as well. Passcode ISBN 007-251530-9.


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